DJ Micro

East coast DJ Micro has worked hard to make his living as a DJ. He has been around since the rave heyday of the early nineties and he has sustained his existence through endless touring and numerous releases. Considered one of the biggest names in the North Amercan DJ world, DJ Micro has shifted slightly from his traditional acid breaks to more trance here on this release.

"Tech Mix 5" is 13 songs of trippy and pulsating beats. Obviously designed for the dance floor, "Tech Mix 5" features masterful mixing by DJ Micro. Tracks flow easily together under his involved supervision. On this 70-minute piece of sonic ecstasy, DJ Micro has put together a hard-hitting set of trance anthems. Sticking to this formula, this album is purely for the techno heads, so if in search of something a little more experimental, stay away. Not something to be played on most occasions, "Tech Mix 5" is a focused club album representative of his live prowess.

DJ Micro has proved his longevity giving him respect and credibility in the rave world. "Tech Mix 5" will not disappoint trance and rave fans; the songs swell slowly and surely and the vibes will certainly be felt more at his live gigs.

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