John Prine

Having not released an album in 9 years, acclaimed singer-songwriter John Prine has finally come through for his devoted fans. Having been around since the early seventies, this country-folk artist has been carving his unique niche for quite some time. Combining original writing, acoustic guitar, and scruffy vocals, John Prine has continued to build upon his Grammy-winning successes. Nominated for Grammys several times late in his career, John Prine, like a fine cheese, is clearly improving with age

Since recently recovering from a bout with cancer on his neck in 1998, Prine has been practicing hard to battle back. "Fair and Square" shows that John Prine is in top form , dropping some sweet acoustic ballads that hooked me from the first listen. The opener "Glory of True Love", is a great love song, while his incredibly witty lyrics keep things going on "Crazy As A Loon". His rough and honest vocals are truly in the spotlight; very similar to the delivery of the dynamic vocalist in The Walkmen. "Fair and Square" is a great comeback for John Prine and his folksy take on things will surely be appreciated once again.

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