Shout Out Louds

The first track "The Comeback" is pure new rock glory. The desperate and lonely vocals reminiscent of Robert Smith glide smoothly over the jangly guitars setting the pace for the rest of the record. From Stockholm, this 5 piece have been kickin up the Scandinavian territories since 2001 and have finally arrived to North America with their first full-length album.

Sounding like a mash up of The Cure and The Strokes, these Swedes still manage to put their creative stamp on this album. With fluidity in their harmonies and guitars, they glide a little smoother than the jitteriness of the majority of new rock. Songs like "Go Sadness" are truly exquisite and showcase Adam's diverse and mournful vocals. With the plethora of keyboard, the Shout Out Louds will probably get lumped in with the ballooning new-wave imports, but once heard they clearly separate themselves. Growing up in snow tends to give a certain perspective.

With so many new and stupidly hyped bands getting press these days it's easy to lose interest in the music. While staying out of the NME and Spin hype machine so far, the Shout Out Louds may not get all the attention of new rock media bitches Bloc Party or The Bravery but are worth a listen for sure.

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