The Darkest Hour

Undeniably fierce and hard, The Darkest Hour has a way of making these abrasive songs astonishingly beautiful. From Washington D.C., this socially and politically driven band have already released 2 other full-length albums and are obviously not amateurs. This time around, The Darkest Hour are more about personal change and growth than politics.

Having been on the metal scene for quite a while and sharing the stage with Slipknot and Lamb of God at Ozzfest 2004, this 5 piece is probably old news to metal heads. To others, The Darkest Hour is a great leap from the not quite hard enough radio-only bands. With almost none of the emo-cheese that a lot of hardcore bands get smothered with, "Pathos" and "Ethos", TDH's only quieter tracks, are purely instrumental without the brutal whining that usually accompanies. Followed immediately by the insanely good "Low", the album quickly picks up the brutal pace after this random blip.

"Undoing Ruin" sounds like a maturing metal band gaining confidence. Better than most emocore type music, and just as hard as everything except the heaviest of heavy metal, this disc is truly enjoyable for its continuing assault of pleasant sounds.

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