The Forecast

As opposed to the other more screamo artists on Victory, The Forecast are more like the bands from the early days of the emo craze when the music was a bit lighter and more melodic. I like it this way. The vocal duets of guitarist Dustin Addis and bassist Shannon Burns are varied and almost never overly sappy. The Forecast boast a devastating live show, and "Late Night Conversations" does show hints of this.

Although geared towards the teen market, The Forecast do not play down to the listener. Singing about their blue collar lives of their hometown Peoria, Ill., The Forecast sound honest enough in their music. Comparable to bands like the Get Up Kids and The Anniversary, The Forecast are a good addition to the emo-rock out there. The honesty is felt through their music and should be appreciated by most fans. The Forecast work hard at their jobs and their good attitudes will definitely reap them some nice benefits. If you are a fan of bands on the Vagrant label, this release will surely please.

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