Fever Pitch

From the guys who made Dumb & Dumber and Something About Mary comes a romantic comedy featuring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. Fever Pitch is the kind of movie that starts out like so many others in its genre. What makes this one an exception is the way in which you will be pulled into the story. The Farrelly brothers have a knack for sentimentality without the usual cheese that comes with it. Although there is an absence of silly slapstick that we have come to expect from the Farrelly's, there is something more mature and more believable in its place. In fact the story revolves around Ben's love for the Boston Red Sox. Well, love is an understatement in this case. Ben is obsessed to the point that he must inevitably choose between his beloved 'Sox' and his new love, Lindsey, played by Drew Barrymore. Their on-screen chemistry works really well, from their initial encounter right on through their highs and lows, they really act naturally.

This movie has everything one can hope for in a romantic comedy. Somehow baseball and romance work well together. There is something in this movie for everyone to enjoy. It is not overly sentimental as many romance films tend to be. The Farrelly's put together a well-paced, light and engaging picture. Highlighting the Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series win only adds to the excitement.

Special DVD Features:

13 deleted scenes
Gag reel
"Love Triangle" Internet featurette
"Break the Curse" Internet featurette
Making of scene: "Fever Pitch"
Theatrical trailer
Inside Look: In Her Shoes

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