A Perfect Murder

After frequent line-up tinkering and tweaking, A Perfect Murder has regrouped and released the anger which is 'Strength Through Vengeance'. The Québecois group teamed up with new vocalist Kevin Randel from Tennessee; one angry dude with a messed up childhood. The band sounds tight and their ferocity is unrelenting, as they shred it up with deep and distorted guitars and heavily miked drums (they had 25 mics on the kit).

On only their second major-label release, A Perfect Murder is surely still trying to find their groove, as they contain 3 new members. Despite the fact they are still getting acquainted, and that the lead singer lives in Tennessee away from the rest of the band, APM still manage to create a solid album.

The album is highlighted by the closing track which is a great blend of instrumental riffing and build up. Heavy to the end, 'Strength Through Vengeance' does not provide any breaks at all, which will be music to many metalheads' ears.

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