Blue Six

This compilation includes 14 tracks of club music starting off with the funky "Let's Do it Together" with Lisa Shaw taking center stage for the vocals. The following track "Close To Home" is a hip dance tune, this time the soulful Monique Bingham sings the lead. The song flows with ease and is quite catchy. The vibrant beats o­n "Sweeter love" are funky. Catherine Russell sings her hear out o­n "Very Good Friends" a soft sounding track that gives the listener a small break from all the dance grooves. The self-empowering track "Love Yourself" is enchanting with a cool background rhythm. "Pure" combines soul and dance. Impressive vocals by Monique Bingham o­nce again. She also takes credit as co-writer of this song. As most of these tunes have a similar beat, the title track "Beautiful Tomorrow" experiments with a slightly different groove. Catherine Russell has a deep voice that adds spice to the

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