Christopher Lawrence

Do you dig trance music? If so, have you heard of Christopher Lawrence yet? He's been a DJ for several years and has put together compilations filled with funky music for the dance floors. "Around The World" is the follow up to his 2001 release of "United States Of Trance." As you may know, trance is very repetitive in beats that seem non-ending and frankly, can get annoying at times. But if it's mastered properly, it can be a pleasant listen. Lawrence was able to take it to that level with some carefully crafted cuts. The two first tracks are entitled "Jet Black" but both are different remixes and are unique. Cool rhythms that will definitely keep you groovin' to the relentless beats. "Spectrum" is a fast paced delight. Very enticing indeed. "Indya" is vibrant and fresh sounding. "Galaxies" sounds spacey (no pun intended). It's a mix of techno/electronica sounds. "Muke" also stands out for it's energetic beats. Cool album.

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