Ghetto Concept

Canada's urban music scene has struggled considerably, mainly due to the heavy competition across the border from the likes of Ja Rule, Jay-Z and Nelly. In recent years, Canadian rappers have been getting props for their efforts in musical style and are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Artists such as The Rascalz, Choclair, Maestro and Kardinal Offishial have put homegrown urban music o­n the map. Now welcome Ghetto Concept to the repertoire of rising stars. The group consists of Cinqo, Dolo, Ray Smoove and Angel Duss. This album's production is tight, lyrical flow is smooth and the beats are funky. "All Stars" has an edgy hook that will get you bobbin' to the beat. Their current hit single "Still Too Much" features vocals from Snow, Maestro, Kardinal, Red-One and Ironside. This track is the highlight of the album. A few additional vocals by Samantha are present but her soulful voice does not get enough airplay. The guys drop the beat o­n "Up 2 Da Tyme" featuring Vybz Kartell. Angel Duss finally takes center stage o­n "Kitty Katt" with additional vocals by Shy Luv. The acoustic guitar adds a cool dimension to the hip hop beats. Angel has potential and should have definitely had more presence o­n this album. Keep an eye out for this group.

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