Hilary Duff

Pop princess Hilary Duff has compiled her best tracks along with three new ones on her latest album entitled "Most Wanted." Seems odd that an artist who has just released a few albums puts together a best of at such an early stage of her career. Nevertheless, she's got tons of fans so this album will no doubt be a chart topper. Hilary revisits some past hits like "So Yesterday", "Fly" and "Metamorphosis" "Mr. James Dean" is less impressive. Hilary's sister Haylie collaborates on the rockin' "Our Lips Are Sealed". You will also find a groovy techno remix of her hit single "Come Clean" and revamped versions of "Rock This World" and "Why Not". New tracks include "Wake Up" which gives the listener a view into the life of a celebrity. "Beat Of My Heart" and "Break My Heart" are mediocre. Overall this is a good selection of her songs so if you skipped on buying her past albums, "Most Wanted" would be a worthwhile purchase.

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