Mae is an interesting band and just when you think you have them figured out they go and change. The album begins with a narrated intro that goes along with the booklet in the CD. Complete with wonderful illustrations straight from a child's book, the booklet guides you through the voyage/story that is the album. The first track, there are 15 in total, on their sophomore disc is a soft piano ballad along the lines of Ben Folds Five. Ah, so they are a cerebral lyric driven band? Then track number two cues up and it is a harder rock tune that sounds like Jimmy Eats World. Hunh? Ah, the band has many different types of sounds and is not stuck in one genre. Mae is a five piece band from the United States and they are quite a cerebral lot. Their name Mae is an acronym standing for Multisensory Aesthetic Experience. They want to explore what music sounds like, feels like, tastes like, etc. Most of the album seems quite polished and radio ready, but even though this sounds like a criticism it is not. It is hard not to like the music Mae makes. Highlights on the album include This Is the Countdown, Breakdown and The Sun and the Moon. If you buy the album and enjoy it Mae will be playing at El Salon in Montreal on October 12, 2005.

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