This album is produced by the the famous production team The Neptunes, who have previously collaborated with likes of N'Sync and ODB. The Nerd album is a major mix of different genres. Sounds like o­ne heck of an experiment. They've got hip hop, rock, dance beats, heavy metal etc… The intro track features Lee Harvey and Vita. It's really heavy o­n the guitars and combines some rap lyrics. Too loud and frankly not too appealing. Things get more interesting o­n the following track "Things Are Getting Better." It's more upbeat and has a catchy hook. "Truth Or Dare" featuring the talented Kelis and Pusha T stands out as the best track o­n this album. "Run To You" is a groovy R&B laced tune which is pretty cool. The rest of the album continues to experiment with hip hop and rock blends. Not too successfully though.

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