Want a CD that combines various genres into o­ne package? Look no further because Rinocerose has put together an ecclectic compilation of songs ranging from jazz, blues, rock, dance etc… The duo is originally from France and is comprised of Jean-Phillipe and Patou. They have had huge success in Paris with their previous works and are crossing over borders to spread their music to a larger audience. The first track "Le Rock Summer" is vibrant. It blends rock and old school dance music. "Obesques d'un guitar hero" combines cool edgy guitar sounds with groovy dance beats. "Lost Love" has a vintage feel to it vocally and the instrumentation takes o­ne back to years gone by. It's funky and quite catchy. Another noteworthy track is the all instrumental "No We are Not Experienced." It's simple but fun at the same time, with all kinds of different sounds bouncing around. An album out of the ordinary. 

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