Secret Garden

Secret Garden is composed of two talented musicians named Fionnuala Sherry and Rolf Lovland. This duo has teamed up with fellow artists to bring you "Once In A Red Moon," an all instrumental compilation. The debut track "Awakening" is enchanting and it was inspired by Kate Chopin's late nineteenth century novel. This track is a beautiful piece, which is influenced by sounds of the East. Asa Jinder brings the song to life with the keyharp accompanied by Rolf Lovland o­n piano/harmonium. The Irish Symphony orchestra completes the rich tapistry of sounds. "Silent Wings" is melodic with the sweet sounds of the oboe and the violin. The splendid "Greenwaves" is performed by the acclaimed artist Karen Matheson. Sean Connery o­nce declared "Her voice is touched by God." Norwegian inspired "Invitation" is a beautiful weave of rhythms. The classically inspired "Duo" features the talents of English cellist Julian Lloyd Webber. The magical vibes of "Belonging" is an enjoyable listen. "The Promise" is simple and creates an ambiance of peacefulness. "Fairytale" puts the listener into a dream like state. All in all this is a wonderful compilation.

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