Yummy soundtrack material, Skindive pushes power pop into the industrial warehouse. This Dublin quartet dares to pull special effects into a brilliant album that can induce paranoia as easily as it instills a sense of complete serenity.I wish I had a mega sub-woofer to enhance the overall experience that Skin Dive dishes out in this new release. Singer Danielle Harrison applies her remarkable vocals with a freshly honed dagger throughout Gerry Owens' Lucky 13-course buffet of original tunes, each of which is exceptionally arranged and mixed to a dynamic and perfect balance of left, right, top & bottom. Incorporating vocals, guitar, bass, drums and, of course, SFX – there's lots to chew o­n here. The modern use of classic sounds, like solo strings that move in dissonant directions is just o­ne indication of the innovativeness of this wonderful band. Warning to the adventurous: Skindive's intrigue will stick with you and their disc will stick around your player for a good long while. Make way…

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