The Gorillaz

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Gorillaz concert, don't expect to see a live performance. Instead you'll see animated characters performing o­n a giant screen. This group has been creating quite a buzz with their current single 19-2000 (Remixed). Members include 2D, Russel, Murdoc and Noodle. The party gets started with "Latin Simone" (Que Pasa Contigo) manages to be mellow yet funky at the same time. "19-2000" makes it's second appearance, but more upbeat this time. It's the "Wiseguys House Of Wisdom Remix." Expect lots of repetitive beats and it does eventually become a tad annoying, if you know what I mean. "The Sounder" (Edit) offers a tight lyrical flow with a unique instrumentation to back it up. "Faust" is an instrumental piece. It's quite simple and frankly, it can seem a bit bland compared to the other eight tracks. Their chart topper hit "Clint Eastwood" (Remixed) has the lead singer o­n this track impressing us with his lyrical skills. It's good but the original version is superior. This album takes a nosedive with the final three tracks "Gost Train", "Hip Albatross" and "12D3." Love 'em or hate 'em, The Gorillaz are gutsy enough to put a unique spin o­n modern music. 

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