Written in Blood

I do not know about you, but sometimes I just like to sit in front of the television and watch a low budget straight to video movie. Am I the only one? Maybe…Not all movies can be or should be of Oscar quality; we do need some variety in life. This movie was originally released in 2002 and definitely has the look and feel of a made-for-TV movie. The actors are all pretty nondescript and do an adequate job. The story is fairly predictable, but somehow you keep watching it. The director, John Terlesky (Guardian), has done what he can with the cards (low budget, predictable script and b-grade actors) he has been dealt. This is the type of movie you pop into the DVD player on those nights where you feel like watching a movie, but are too tired to watch one that requires any concentration.

John Traveller, a Los Angeles detective, calls his partner Matthew Ransom (Michael T. Weiss – Jeffrey) over to his house in the middle of the night. The wife of Traveller (Peter Coyote – A Walk to Remember and Erin Brockovich) and her lover have been executed in bed. Ransom finds Traveller holding a shotgun. Traveller is charged and found guilty of the two murders. He is sent to jail to await sentencing. His wife's lover was the son of Luke Williams (Steve Rankin – The One and Pearl Harbor), a fellow detective from Traveller's and Ransom's precinct. Ransom cannot believe that his partner would do this and feels betrayed. He barely attends the trial. The murders have hit Ransom very hard and it affects his already in trouble marriage with his wife Mary (Nancy Valen – Porky's Revenge and Dune 2000); they end up separating. Traveller's daughter Jude (Maureen Flannigan – National Lampoon's Last Resort) is also greatly affected by the murders and she begins to spend a lot of time with Ransom. Ransom finds himself attracted to Jude.

Ransom's lieutenant wants him to take some vacation time, but he refuses. She relents and gives him a totally unrelated murder case to work on. Soon, after a few more murders, it becomes apparent that Ransom has a serial killer on his hands. The killer leaves clues at each murder site straight out of Sherlock Holmes novels. Ransom begins to consult with Traveller on the case. He soon believes that there is a link between John Traveller and the murders that the serial killer has been committing. Ransom just has to figure out the link and who is committing the murders before someone else dies.

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