Desperate Housewives

The television series Desperate Housewives has become a worldwide phenomenon. Much to everyone's surprise, including the actors and creators, Desperate Housewives has become the number one series and this success has translated into Golden Globe Awards, Emmys, and numerous magazine covers. Desperate Housewives successfully combines camp, comedy, drama, mystery, and sex in its attempt to single handedly revive the TV nighttime soap genre. It has definitely become the show that everyone at the office talks about around the water cooler on Monday mornings. Much of the success of the series can be attributed to the writing and crazy ideas of the show's creator Marc Cherry, but the perfect casting of the four leading ladies is the main reason for the whole world tuning in to watch the lives of the residents of Wisteria Lane. Wisteria Lane is your stereotypical street in suburbia; the twist is that behind the all-too-perfect facades lies many secrets. The series began with a bang (literally) when Mary Alice, one of the street's female residents who are close friends, commits suicide. The four remaining friends, Susan (Teri Hatcher), Gabrielle (Eva Langoria), Lynette (Felicity Huffman), and Bree (Marcia Cross), try to figure out the mystery behind Mary Alice's death. The release of the 6 disc complete first season is at a perfect time for those who want to catch up on what previously took place in time for the September 25th second season premiere.

Disc 1: Episodes 1-4:
Wisteria Lane housewife, Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong) suddenly commits suicide. In death, Mary Alice (the narrator) gets to watch the lives and discover all the most personal secrets of her four friends and fellow residents of Wisteria Lane, Susan, Gabrielle, Bree, and Lynette. Single mom Susan Mayer develops a crush on Mike Delfino (James Denton), a plumber who moves in across the street. Former model and now trophy wife, Gabrielle Solis is having an affair with her teenage gardener, John (Jesse Metcalfe) right underneath her husband Carlos's (Ricardo Chivara) nose. Stepford wife wannabe, Bree Van de Kamp (Marcia Cross) is hiding from everyone, including her own kids that her marriage to Rex (Steven Culp) is in serious trouble. Frazzled mom of four young kids, Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman) is on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Together, the four friends try to find out what was really behind Mary Alice's suicide. Susan has competition for Mike's attention from resident man-eater Edie (Nicolette Sheridan). Edie, whose house burnt down, lives temporarily with neighbourhood busybody, Mrs. Huber (Christine Estabrook). Mary Alice's husband Paul (Mark Moses) and son Zach (Cody Kasch) are acting very bizarre and that attracts the attention of the four women. A resident finds out about Gabrielle's affair and begins to blackmail her. Lynette resorts to desperate measures in order to be able to cope with her kids.

Disc 2: Episodes 5-8:
Much to Gabrielle's chagrin, Carlos's mother arrives for an extended visit. Susan finds out that Paul has had Zach committed to a psychiatric hospital and gets her daughter Julie to visit him in order to find out what is going on. Rex tells bree he is unhappy with their sex life. Mike has an attractive new house guest, which makes Edie and Susan jealous and suspicious. Bree and Rex begin to have problems with their son Andrew. Carlos announces in front of everyone that he wants to have children, which Gabrielle refuses. Susan begins to have second thoughts about Mike.

Disc 3: Episodes 9-12:
Gabrielle, who is bored, plans a fashion show and asks the other housewives to participate. Susan finds out about Gabrielle's affair and they have a fight. Lynette decides to find a nanny for her children. Julie continues to see Zach behind her mother's back. The police arrive at the Solis's. Rex is going to see Maisy Gibbons (Sharon Lawrence), a resident of Wisteria Lane who has become a dominatrix. Edie realizes that Mrs. Huber is missing and calls the police. Gabrielle begins to suspect that Carlos is involved in something illegal. Bree finds out about Rex's affair and for revenge begins to date local pharmacist George Williams (Roger Bart). Mrs. Huber's sister, Felicia (Harriet Sansom Harris) moves into her house to help in the search for her sister. Lynette catches Tom leering at the nanny.

Disc 4: Episodes 13-16:
Lynette catches Tom's father (Ryan O'Neal) having an affair. Susan catches Julie with Zach and forbids her to see him again. Gabrielle tries to end the affair with John. Mike's secret investigation of the residents of Wisteria Lane threatens his relationship with Susan. Zach confesses that he had a baby sister named Dana. Lynette is worried that Tom's promotion will lead to him spending less time at home and does something about it. The neighbours begin to gossip about Rex and Bree after Rex's affair becomes public knowledge. Susan and Edie team up to probe into what is going on in the Youngs' house. Carlos is under investigation and his accounts are frozen. Gabrielle tries to hide her financial problems and is forced to seek employment.

Disc 5: Episodes 17-20:
Bree and Rex discover that Andrew is on drugs. Susan decides to date other men. The police question Zach and Paul about a toy chest they bought years ago, which leads to a disagreement between Paul and Zach. Mike investigation hits a snag when he encounters a dirty cop. Gabrielle refuses to have sex with Carlos and he retaliates by withholding money from her. Susan tries to keep Julie from Zach, who is acting more and more disturbed. Carlos has been tampering with Gabrielle's birth control pills and she finds out. Bree tells Rex that her relationship with George is strictly platonic, but George wants more.

Disc 6: Episodes 21-23:
Gabrielle is forced to choose between Carlos and John. Felicia confronts Paul. Susan searches out more information about Mike. Edie tries to sabotage Susan's love life. Carlos finds out Gabrielle is having an affair but does not know with whom. George tries more desperately to win Bree's affections. Felicia meets Mike and makes him an offer. Betty Applewhite (Alfre Woodard) and her son move onto Wisteria Lane. The reason why Mary Alice committed suicide is revealed. Bree, who is feeling guilty, attempts reconciliation with Rex. Carlos learns the whole truth about Gabrielle's affair. Mike confronts Paul. One of the residents of Wisteria Lane dies and there is a cliffhanger.

Bonus DVD Features:
-Deleted scenes
-Audio commentary: Marc Cherry's favourite episodes
-A stroll down Wisteria Lane
-Sneak peaks: Flightplan, TV on DVD, Desperate Housewives: Fall 2005, Alias: Fourth Season, Scrubs: 2nd Season, Lost, ABC daytime
-Desperate Housewives around the world
-Multi-language sequence
-Extended episodes
-Dressing Wisteria Lane
-Audio commentary: The ladies' favourite scenes
-Oprah Winfrey is the new neighbour
-Bloopers from the set
-Secrets of Wisteria Lane
-Behind the scenes of Desperate Housewives

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