50 Cent

Say what you want about 50. I'm sure he has heard it all. But yah gotta admit that he knows how to make money and sell records. Ever since the new face of thug rap emerged with "Get Rich or Die Tryin'", he has been selling records like hot cakes. His rhymes are average at best, and his songs are about the same shit on every track, but he knows how to write hooks better than any Tin Pan Alley specialist. Women like to dance at clubs. Fifty knows that club music sells. Therefore, Fifty writes the catchiest frickin' hooks this side of Jet. He may glamorize violence and guns and whatnot, but this is obviously what people want. So 50 is wisely fulfilling the demand.

On this re-released album, they have included a bonus DVD containing a music video for each track on the album, a preview of his new movie coming out and one of his video game as well. Dang. Make your money while you're still hot I guess. Curtis Jackson knows how fast trends disappear in the music industry, so he's just making his money while he can. Can't argue with success, really. The videos are average at best, as there are too many to have them be all quality. They are low budget affairs, mostly, with pretty women and pimpin' rides. Pretty standard rap video fare.

This disc is pure Fifty, as thug as it gets. You either like 50 or you don't, not much else to say.

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