Bayside will surely appeal to younger ears and may even be among some teen's favourite new band. The vocals brought on by Anthony Raneri are really sharp and it's nice to be able to decipher the lyrics without reading them. Combining emo-style content and melodies, the band still remains fairly good at creating their own sound. With influences ranging from Nick Drake to The Smiths, Bayside show their maturity in all over. They have been able to create a distinctive sound, that doesn't stray too far from the mainstream. Forming in Long Island in 2000, Bayside already has one other album "Sirens and Condolences" to their credit. With some startlingly hopeful lyrics, Bayside's S/T album should lift even the most melancholic emo-boy's head out of his hands.

The key here is repeated listens. The hooks grow on you, and you begin to hear subtleties that add to the disc. Bayside just rock out with not too much of the sappy vocals and overly theatric lyrics usually associated with this style. I think Victory Records is pretty consistent with putting out legit hard working bands, better than the styles of its horrid pop-rock brother. It's not as complete as some other albums, but there is enough here to satisfy most rock fans.

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