Between the Buried and Me

When you are forced to listen to an album more than once, and it improves with time, you usually have something fairly decent. Without including any of the standard 4 minute radio songs, Between the Buried and Me bombard you with some hardcore, heavy hitting metal that is anything but standard. With 'Backwards Marathon' clocking in at almost eight and a half minutes, and 'Breathe in, Breathe Out' at under one-minute, "Alaska" is not an easy one to wrap your ears around.

With their third album, BTBAM are looking to enter the realm of Mars Volta, except there's a little more on the lower end of the vocal spectrum. Tommy Rogers has got that death-metal growl down perfect, but he is not afraid of mixing in some actual singing over the guitar. With the songs showing little form and structure, that I can hear, the band is much freer to explore their instruments and their full sound potential. The experiments are definitely paying dividends, with a slightly more accessible sound than The Mars Volta, and definitely much heavier.

If you have the patience to actually listen to an album, and not just skip to the kitchy songs, then you may be able to appreciate the album in full. A sonically different sounding album that makes you think a bit more may be a little much for some listeners, but for those who like a good metal opus, this be it.

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