Simple Plan fans unite! Fear not, for there is more pop-rock where that came from. We all know how the Canadian media loves to promote their own ilk quite strongly, as they should, and they are pushing the limits with Hedley. The Vancouver based band is selling out shows and gaining fans across the country, replacing their native fathers Sum 41 and Simple Plan. All it takes is to have your lead singer be a 2004 Canadian Idol finalist and you're basically a shoo-in with the press. Jacob Hoggard fronts Hedley with confidence and experience, two things needed in the performance market.

It must be a Canadian Idol thing, because apparently this Jacob dude has been playing all the right cards. Fans loved him as third place runner up, anticipation (??) for his album has been big, and he is a genuinely cool canuck. You can never underestimate the power of pop shows. And here I was thinking that us Canadians were above that crap. Of course not, c'mon now we're not that far away from the U.S. It's refreshing to see someone love what they are doing, making people happy, and proud to be a Canadian. If that person happens to make pop-rock music, then so be it. It's better than being the Canadian Idol winner and being forced to record even crappier pop. I'll take Hedley over Idol music any day, but that's where it stops for me.