I have to say, I think I blame Good Charlotte for the plague-like spread of pop/punk/emo. That genre has spawned some good listening with Jimmy Eat World and Alkaline Trio, but unfortunately with the growth, must come uninspired late adopters. Aside from the radio stuff, there are loads of new hardcore bands coming out. June comes from Chicago, one of the trendy areas for some great hardcore and punk bands. With all the homogeneity in the bands lately, June does a good job of making instantly likeable rock for their growing number of fans.

"If You Speak Any Faster" is June's first full-length album, and they already have that polished sound that we are hearing more and more of with fancy production equipment. I don't really know what June used, but they sound beyond their years with their pop sensibility. They have the work ethic, and it's paying off for these early twenty-year olds. Sounding somewhat similar to label mates' Taking Back Sunday and Spitalfield, June avoid any unfair to other less bands due to their sound straying far from the slowly eroding mainstream rock-lite.

Not too hard, not too corny, and not too catchy, June are working a formidable formula, and for those looking for something akin to the first statement, you'll be quite fond. With loads of time to work on their sound, I'd count on hearing a bit more from June in the future.

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