Kanye West

I think I like Kanye. He has somehow put his deft touch on seemingly every big name on the block. He has linked up on huge tracks with Twista, Ludacris, and Talib Kweli, but he started to turn more heads with Roc-A-Fella. There he effectively contributed to Hova's almost godlike status at the top, spewing hit after ridiculous hit. Kanye kept blazing all the way up to the hyped up release of his sophomore release "Late Registration". He's an incredible producer already, and his rap game is coming along too. He possesses tremendous smarts, and he has got no problem letting you know this. Similar to the genre breaking that Outkast is known for, Kanye West really has put out a solid album well deserved of the premature accolades.

"Late Registration" is super smooth, flowing through Kanye's own slick productions. Jay-Z comes out of retirement once again to throw down some verses on 'Diamonds From Sierra Leone (remix)', claiming, "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, MAN". The cameo list is bloody huge with Adam Levine making the most obvious splash. That automatically takes at least 1 point of the rating score in my books. I don't really care how good a singer he is. The Game thugs up 'Crack Music', while Jamie Fox adds his Ray Charles vocals to the sick single 'Gold Digger'.

All of Kanye's antics, including his George Bush Jr. comments, all contribute to his overall authenticity and humanness. His hard work, his blunt arrogance, and his mastery of music all contribute to a fairly brilliant album that adds up to more than your average rap album. It takes these kinds of steps to raise the stakes, something that needed to be done in hip hop. In a genre so harshly criticized, Kanye busts his ass to be the best, and does so with class.

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