B.B. King & Friends

To mark his eightieth birthday, B.B. King calls upon his pals to assist him in recreating some classic tunes. 80 is like being backstage at the Grammy's. There's John Mayer who helps out on Hummingbird, and Sheryl Crow matches the King's gritty rumble with her soft vocals. Gloria Estefan brings a soulful vibe to There Must be a Better World Somewhere and Billy Gibbons helps to get things rockin' on Tired of Your Jive. A real gem is when the King gets Eric Clapton to match him lick for lick on The Thrill is Gone. It's no surpise that B.B. King is still great after all these years, his growl still fierce and his guitar still wailin'. But after all, he is the King.

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