There's something sexy about Chris Cornell's Robert Plant wail. The way he wraps his voice around every note like he's trying to make the light shine through a black hole sun. Out of Exile the sophomore effort from Audioslave finds the band finally moving as one. Their first record was a mash up of Soundgarden and Rage Agaisnt the Machine where both sounds stood side by side as opposed to melding together. Now the Slaves are back and producer Rick Rubin does a superb job making sure that Adioslave craft their own sound. "Be Yourself" is a slow jam with teeth while "Your Time Has Come" has the band assembling some raw power. A standout track is "Man or Animal" in which guitarist Tom Morello does what he does best and makes his axe grind like dueling turntables. Of course Cornell's signature croon on each track is enough to make a schoolgirl's knees buckle. It's been hard work for the ex-Ragers and Soundgarden frontman but with their new album they come forth as a top-notch hard rock band and win 1st prize: rock supergroup that actually rocks. Sorry Velvet Revolver but Audioslave kicks your ass!

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