Slug is the Bright Eyes of hip hop. He's the fragile emo cat who rhymes over old Motown loops. On You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having Slug gets all prolific on us and waxes philosophical about his favorite subject: the ladies. If you're looking for Slug to grow as an artist, he doesn't do it on this record. He's always been comfortable letting his emotions take over while producer Ant lays out tight beats, the typical Atmosphere formula."Little Man" shows Slug wrestling with his inner demons wondering if he should give it all up and start a family. "Love isn't love if you didn't hurt someone" he raps, showing us the messed up mentality he's struggling with. "And she loved me more than I can imagine. So I waited till she slept and I stepped into traffic," he tells us on "Angelface", as he searches for that special lady to save his tortured soul. However, the album isn't without flaws. At times, Ant's production seems too slick and too thought out, not raw enough to match Slug's tormented lyrics. As for Slug, his lyrics about women border on redundancy. Rap about how much you hate the Bush administration or how much the Twins suck. We get it, you're screwed up because of girls but the subject is almost played out. You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having may not be the coming of age/artistic growth Atmosphere release but it will push them far beyond the realms of indie-backpack rap and into the mainstream. Finally, Slug can do that much needed guest spot on Dr. Phil.

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