KT Tunstall

Sounding at times like a mix between Sheryl Crow and Dido, KT Tunstall is of Chinese descent, but was raised in Scotland. Confused yet? It continues to amaze me how a country of relatively small population like Scotland continues to churn out so many quality artists (Texas, Travis, Belle and Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, etc.). KT is the 21st century's version of the coffee house singer-songwriter (a la Rickie Lee Jones or Carole King) with inquisitive lyrics, an acoustic base and a feisty sound. Hers is the type of music you either immediately connect with or don't. There is an emotional depth and accessibility to the lyrics that you do not find all too often. On her debut album, KT worked with experienced producer Steve Osborne (U2, New Order, etc.), a wise choice because his arrangements really showcase her strengths as an artist. Highlights on the album include the two singles, Other Side of the World and Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. It seems as though this artist and others (Kathleen Edwards, Aimee Mann, etc.) are trying to fill the void in music that appeared with the demise of Lilith Fair.

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