Gang of Four

Creating something completely new is nearly unattainable these days; everything has been done before. The new rock revival of the past several years featuring obscure garage bands doesn't really sound well, all that new. But alas, Gang of Four are one of the painfully obvious predecessors to these nouveau super cool rockers. "Return the Gift" is an album of cuts largely extracted from their 2 ultra popular albums "Entertainment!" and "Solid Gold", and believe it or not, all of the original members are still playing their instruments. Hard to imagine anyone besides Andy Gill on guitar and Dave Allen on bass.

With a raw and electric sound, the new versions still stand up well amidst the plethora of similar "The" bands. Twenty-five years after their initial success, Gang of Four bring new energy to the dated songs, showing that tracks such as 'Damaged Goods' and "Anthrax' are as good anything out there right now. Their witty political references are still relevant on tracks such as 'Capital', and their bass lines are all out funk. Never content with mediocrity, "Return the Gift" shows how much Gang of four care about the quality of their work and how bloody good they still are.

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