As a teaser to a new full length album due out next year, "Excerpts from the Diary of Todd Zilla" will definitely sooth the pain until that point. Formed in Modesto, CA in 1992, Grandaddy have released dozens of albums unheard by most and reveled by few. Unrivaled in his emotional clarity, Jason Lytle excels at translating his current state into music. Shifting more down tempo from their critically acclaimed "Sumday", Grandaddy lose a bit of their of their trademark synthesizers, but lose nothing in the way of quality.

Recorded in the home of lead singer Jason Lytle, the record has a very intimate feeling, revealing just how his hometown has twisted him up, as on 'F**k the Valley Fudge'. The lightheaded piano ballads and lazy crooning are sonic medicine for hurting ears, and most fans will be happy with Grandaddy's sound returning more to that of their 1997 album "Under the Western Freeway". Opening single "Pull the Curtains" is the only real "Sumday" type song on here, reminding you of why you liked Weezer back in the day. As one of the better indie bands around these days, Grandaddy continues to create beautiful music for the poor souls still locked away in suburbia.

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