Mustard Plug

Ska is officially not dead. Mustard Plug always seems to revive the style no matter what is mainstream. After 14 years, and 5 albums filled with trumpets, trombones and saxophones, this punk influenced ska band decided to put together a collection of their masterpieces. I don't really know of any punk band that put out a best of album, but for Mustard Plug this is just an in between album. The band is currently working on new material, and has been for sometime, so why not throw in a little something for the fans. The album is enhanced, so just incase anyone forgot what punk influenced ska looked like in the 90's; there are 2 videos, "You" and "Everything Girl". Knowing the band is working on new material, it feels as though this CD is to ease the people back into vibe of punk styled ska. Personally I heard enough of it during the 90's. A raspy voice screaming over trumpets just doesn't do it for me anymore. Although, the songs do bring back wonderful memories and "Skank by Numbers" is a favorite of mine.

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