Red October

When my cousin told me about this band she liked I was skeptical. The problem is when I think of that dreaded term "screamo" my mind makes the automatic Thrice's Funeral for Alexis on My Chemical Sunday connection. Do we really need another group of guys wailing "Cross out the eyes, my heart is black!" over crunchy faux-metal guitar licks as their eyeliner runs onto their cheeks? Actually, we do. Red October, a West Island collective are gonna be huge. I'm talking Top of the Pops huge, TRL huge, heavy rotation on Much huge. Heavier than your mom after a trip to Vichy's, the guys of Red October possess more angsty riffing and angelic snarling than all those other MTV staple band du jours. Think Morissey if he grew up in a Montreal suburb, listened to Rites of Spring albums all day and then went off to front Thursday. Boasting a solid rhythm section and killer vocals, this band is not to be missed. Next time Red October is playing you gotta go catch the show. Check 'em out October 25 and 29th at Clyde's in Point-Claire and November 19th at Café Chaos in Montreal.

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