The Rasmus

Helsinki foursome the Rasmus show us how hard rock can be melodic and loud at the same time. They even matured enough to use the cello quartet Apocalyptica on the track "No Fear". Hey, strings can be cool! This is their 6th album and the follow up to their breakthrough Continue Reading


Wow, it's not funny how Aiden resembles My Chemical Romance. From their make up and emo hair, all the way to the music. Lyrics and all, they are almost a carbon copy. This is the second full length album for Aiden. The first, Our Gangs Dark Oath, was a self Continue Reading

The Rolling Stones

When you get to be a certain age life becomes more and more of an up and down experience. The members of The Rolling Stones (probably collectively the oldest rock band around) have lived and rocked long enough to have seen and done almost everything. Within the last year or Continue Reading