Wow, it's not funny how Aiden resembles My Chemical Romance. From their make up and emo hair, all the way to the music. Lyrics and all, they are almost a carbon copy. This is the second full length album for Aiden. The first, Our Gangs Dark Oath, was a self release from the band in December 2004. Not too long after, in March 2005, Victory picked up the four boys from Seattle, and Nightmare Anatomy was just released at the beginning of October 2005. With generic riffs, and clichéd lyrics, it's obvious that these boys are straight out of high school because they still lack individuality. The sounds of AFI, H.I.M, MCR and even Thrice literally scream out loudly in every song. But you can tell that Nightmare Anatomy is just a stepping stone for Aiden. These boys are talented. They just have to find themselves, as well as their own sound.

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