The Rasmus

Helsinki foursome the Rasmus show us how hard rock can be melodic and loud at the same time. They even matured enough to use the cello quartet Apocalyptica on the track "No Fear". Hey, strings can be cool! This is their 6th album and the follow up to their breakthrough "Dead Letters". It's definitely darker lyrically, more so than "Dead Letters", but the upbeat melodies counteract the gloominess of the words. The Rasmus have not gone Goth. The themes of escaping and hiding come up again and again on the album and this could be a reaction to the success they had with their last album. Those groupies can be scary! It must be said that they have not let the pressure of success get to them; they still are as confident and hard rock as before. Success has not changed them – sound wise, anyway. There is also some range on the album with some harder songs and some more mellow ones. Of the 11 tracks some highlights include Shot, No Fear, and Night After Night (Out of the Shadows). This album seems like the perfect album to listen to right before a hockey game to pump yourself up.

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