The Rolling Stones

When you get to be a certain age life becomes more and more of an up and down experience. The members of The Rolling Stones (probably collectively the oldest rock band around) have lived and rocked long enough to have seen and done almost everything. Within the last year or so, Mick Jagger broke up with his long time partner Jerry Hall, Charlie Ward had to battle throat cancer and Ron Wood's ex-wife committed suicide. It was not the happiest of times for any of them (except for Keith Richards who keeps on going like the Energizer bunny) and they say that the greatest of art usually comes out of the saddest of times. Well, following that logic this should be one of the better Rolling Stones albums ever recorded. I am not going to claim that, but for me, this is one of their better efforts in a long time. The 16-track album was produced by the legendary Don Was (Barenaked Ladies, Carly Simon, The Black Crowes, etc.) and the music on it varies from blues to rock 'n roll to funk to country. There is the usual Keith Richards ballad on the album which is the only not too interesting moment for me and that is because of some of the lyrics (give a listen and you will understand!) gave me shivers. Some critics will say that this album is a throw away because it is predictable but after 40 years of solid recording and touring, what do you expect? Trance music? The Rolling Stones definitely have a sound (as do most rock bands – see, U2, Coldplay, etc.). I would even argue that this album was not predictable for me because the sound was harder than I expected it to be and there is a lot of sound variety on the album. There's even some political criticism on the album. It seems as if the guys are not just going through the motions on this one.

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