The Bled

The Bled owe a great debt to Refused. This Tucson, Arizona fivepiece rage, rock, spit, thrash and pummel their way through 10 ferocious tracks. Singer James Munoz feeds off the same trough as Refused prime screamer Denniz Lyxzen and spits menacing vocals over pulsating guitar licks. Found In The Flood is not a genre defying release but it does bend the rules of metalcore by melding softer chops with louder than bombs rhythms. "Daylight Bombings" is reminiscent of early Deftones while "My Assassin" is more along the lines of Dillinger Escape Plan and opening track "Hotel Coral Essex" punches harder than a pissed off Mike Tyson. The Bled pack a walloping bombast, and if all goes well Found In The Flood will blow up filling the vacancy left by Refused.

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