Underneath the Jewfro and the thick eastcoast accent, Edan is just a big ol' music geek. Primitive Plus, his critically acclaimed debut was more a celebration of hip-hop's golden age. Edan's sophomore effort sees the Boston based MC being more adventurous and taking a cue from not only hip-hop but rock and pop music of the sixties and seveties. Not only did he produce each track on Beauty and the Beat himself but he finds the slickest samples complete with dusty breakbeats, hazy drum loops and odd-ball vocals. You can just picture Edan shopping at some small East Village record store searching for the perfect samples. "I See Colors" is a warped sonic echo. "Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme" is a throwback to the hip-hop days of yore. "Smile" is a trippy tune borrowing heavily on psychedelic influences. This album is the Pet Sounds of the underground rap world, the Sgt. Pepper of hip-hop and with Beauty and the Beat Edan has truly created a masterpiece.

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