The English Beat

1979 was the year that The English Beat played their first gig and now in the year 2005 the band is touring again with the one remaining original member Dave Wakeling (guitarist/vocalist). The band consisted of members of working class backgrounds who were around at a time of social, political and musical turmoil. To instill some sense of calm into the chaos, The English Beat's music was full with messages of love and togetherness. The band's sound moved fluidly between pop, reggae, punk, and soul. They came to our awareness at the same time as contemporary bands such as Madness and The Specials. It was the case of the right time and the right place in that they made a meteoric rise and were one of the most popular and influential ska bands in history. The band made three albums and then broke up with Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger going on to form the band General Public. Other members Andy Cox and David Steele went on to form The Fine Young Cannibals. After putting out some solo efforts Dave Wakeling reformed The English Beat in 2003 as a sort of all-star ska band and they are now touring North America and Mexico in 2005. Come out and see the band play at Café Campus on Monday night!

Additional information:
-Orcasound will be interviewing Dave Wakeling, so look out for that! or (514) 844-1010
-tickets: or at the door

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