Robots is all about the fun of shutting down your mind for awhile and watching bright colours and funny sounds on the screen. The script, written by Ron Mita (S.W.A.T.) and Jim McClain (S.W.A.T.), is a means to an end for the special effects and animation that happen during Robots. Directors Chris Wedge (Ice Age) and Carlos Saldanha (Ice Age) have created some of the best quality animation and some of the scenes are quite impressive and intricate. The animation is quite cool and the sounds are funny. As long as you do not expect the humour and intelligence of Shrek or Nemo then all ages should enjoy this film. There are some attempts to instill messages for kids within the film, such as the idea that beauty is not only skin deep or discrimination against those of lower classes; but I am not really convinced that they will be able to figure them out or even notice them. For the adults watching Robots, this film has more guest voices than you can shake a stick at including, Paula Abdul, Terry Bradshaw, Jennifer Coolidge, Paul Giamatti, Drew Carey, James Earl Jones, Jay Leno, Al Roker, and Dianne Wiest. It is the type of animated film that provides you with that extra entertainment of trying to guess who the stars are doing the different voices.

Rodney Copperbottom (Ewan McGregor – The Island and Trainspotting) is a young robot who is a brilliant inventor. He has two dreams in life: to make the world a better place and to meet the great inventor, his idol, Bigweld (Mel Brooks – The History of the World and Spaceballs). He decides to leave his small home town, much to the chagrin of his father Stanley (Stanley Tucci -Shall We Dance and The Terminal), and travel to the fast-paced metropolis of Robot City. Rodney arrives in Robot City and meets up with a group called the Rusties, which includes Fender (Robin Williams – Patch Adams and Jumanji) and Piper Pinwheeler (Amanda Bynes – What A Girl Wants). After struggling to even get in to see Bigweld, he eventually gets to show his invention to the new CEO of Bigweld Industries, Ratchet (Greg Kinnear – Nurse Betty and As Good As It Gets). Ratchet shoots down his ideas and humiliates him. The only member of the board who seems to be interested in Rodney's inventions is the beautiful Cappy (Halle Berry – Monster's Ball and Catwoman), who Rodney is immediately attracted to. The Rusties and Rodney discover that Ratchet is trying to make money by producing only new robot parts or upgrades and thus relegating the older robots to the scrap heaps which are run by his mother, Mrs. Gasket (Jim Broadbent – Moulin Rouge! and Iris). Rodney and the Rusties have to figure out a way to talk Bigweld into returning to run his company or many robots are doomed.

-Aunt Fanny's Tour of Booty: Aunt Fanny gives a behind the scenes tour of Robot City Train Station.
-Robots Original Test: A screen test by a female robot
-Discontinued scenes: 1) Tim from the T.V. show
2) Rodney and the Rusties
3) Rodney's visitor
-"You Can Shine, No Matter What You're Made Of": Interview with director Chris Wedge and other members of the crew about the making of Robots
-Blue Man Group: Discussion with Jim Powell (composer) and members of Blue Man Group about music in film
-Meet the Bots: a chance to meet 11 of the robots from the film
-The Robot Arcade: 1) Robot Dance
2) Fender Photo Shoot (Interactive games/activities)
3) Invent-A-Bot
-Robots multi-player XBOX video game demo
-Fox Promos: Robots soundtrack, Bratz Rock Anglez, Ferngully Special Edition, Strawberry Shortcake, Garfield, Malcolm in the Middle

Inside Look:
-A sneak peek at upcoming Fox projects: Ice Age 2: A tour of Ice Age 2 with John Leguizamo

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