The Tossers

Much like The Pogues before them (and more recently The Dropkick Murphys), Chicago's The Tossers combine traditional Irish Celtic musical leanings with the attitude of raw punk rock. While they don't score any points for originality, The Tossers would make Pogues-frontman Shane McGowan proud with their latest release, "The Valley of the Shadow of Death". The record is as morose an album as its title would suggest. Filled with imagery of death, depression and failure, The Tossers are definitely mining the same material as their heroes in The Pogues. However, their raucous whiskey-fueled anthems are upbeat enough to mask the heartache evident in their lyrics. Similar to The Smiths, The Tossers are deftly able to match unsettling imagery with an upbeat and energetic soundtrack. Listen to this record with a warm pint of Guinness and a full bottle of Jameson for optimal effect.

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