Franz Ferdinand

When you're the toast of the UK, the US and pretty much the rest of the world how do avoid the sophomore jinx? If you're Kanye West then well, you get a big head. If you're Kings of Leon you get with as many supermodels as possible. And if you're the stylish Scotsmen in Franz Ferdinand you tour non-stop, conquer your wardrobe and beat the hell out of the sophomore curse. The Franz's are gonna make you sweat because You Could Have It So Much Better is the dance rock record of the year. Opening track "The Fallen" is a powerhouse that comes at you from all angles; rigid guitar, bumping bass and mad drum beats. "Do You Want To" is an extreme toe-tapper and "Fade Together" bridges the gap between the Beatles and the Kinks. Like The Killers, Radio 4 and all those other bands that are apparently the nouveau Gang Of Fours or the Elvis Costello and the Attractions redux; set to revive a genre that has been filed under new-wave/dance rock/pop-punk, Franz Ferdinand emerge as true champions. Could we really have it so much better? The answer is yes, as long as it's with Franz Ferdinand.

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