The Fly

This chilling, contemporary remake of one of the all-time horror classics has finally been given the DVD treatment that it deserves. The Collector's Edition DVD is packed to the gills with hours of in-depth, never-before-seen extras that should wet the appetites of David Cronenberg fans and horror fans alike. Released in 1986, The Fly marked Cronenberg's true introduction to mainstream audiences after having flirted with the idea with his Stephen King adaptation of The Dead Zone (1983). That's not to say that The Fly is mainstream, but it does represent, even to this date, Cronenberg's biggest box-office success. It features his usual interest in bodily fluids, and the melding of the physical and the mental. If you call yourself a fan of the horror genre but have not seen this breathtaking and unnerving film then do yourself a favor and pick up this new edition and dive right into one of the best horror films of the last 25 years, if not ever.

Jeff Goldblum stars as Seth Brundle, an overly ambitious scientist who accidentally merges with a housefly while experimenting with human teleportation. Now his girlfriend, an investigative journalist named Veronica Quaife (Geena Davis), suddenly finds herself caring for a hideous creature whose insect qualities gradually begin to take over his entire physical and mental selves.

Almost all of David Cronenberg's films could be characterized as horror films, and The Fly is no exception. However, as any fan of his could attest, the director uses the genre as a springboard to explore darker themes that involve human sexuality and the human body. His films are very physical, always causing uneasiness in the viewer as he explores the body in all its strange manifestations. The fly remains one of Cronenberg's true masterpieces and should be required viewing for anyone interested in the intellectual capabilities of the horror genre.

Special Features:

Disc 1:
Full-Length Audio Commentary by David Cronenberg

Disc 2:
All-New Documentaries Covering All 3 Stages of The Fly Production: Larva, Pupa and Metamorphosis with Enhanced Viewing Mode
Deleted Scenes with Storyboard and Script Comparisons
Never-Before-Seen Alternate Ending
Rare Test Footage (Makeup and Visual Effects)
"The Brundle Museum of Natural History" Featurette
George Langelaan's Original Short Story
Charles Edward Pogue's Original Screenplay
David Cronenberg's Screenplay Rewrite
Interactive Articles (Stills with Video Clips) from Cinefex and American Cinematographer
Promotional Featurettes
Still Photo Galleries (Publicity, Behind-The-Scenes, Concept Art and Visual Effects)
Original Teasers, Trailers, TV spots and More!

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