Aliens of the Deep

James Cameron's (Best Director, Titanic, 1997) love with the mysteries of our world and especially what lies deep down at our ocean's depths is mesmerizing. The acclaimed director brings to us an undiscovered world filled with alien like creatures. This flick is filled with eye-candy and that is why it originally opened on so many 3-D Imax screens around the world.

This deep sea documentary follows the shipwreck of "Ghosts of the Abyss." Cameron sheds a bright light on creatures that have never been seen before. These creatures from the deep come alive dancing in front of you like a wistful ballet. Observe a fish with feet, swimming shrimp that exist swimming around boiling hot steams and icy currents, an albino octopus with fins. This wonderful DVD also includes an extended version, doubling-up on the original's 45-minute run time. The added footage gives you even more coverage that probably should have been included with the original film.

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