Influential rock band Cream reunited in the spring of 2005 for a few shows in London and New York. This is a recording of the highlights from the shows at Royal Albert Hall in London. They were historic shows because this is the band with which the label 'supergroup' began. The original members of this trio, Eric Clapton (guitar and vocals), Jack Bruce (bass and vocals) and Ginger Baker (drums), put aside their many differences to play together for the first time in 36 years. It is amazing after such a long layoff that there still is plenty of chemistry between these musicians who are all in their 60s now. Now, don't think that they rock as hard as the other British band still performing who are all in their 60s (The Rolling Stones), because they have always been more of a blues band than a rock band. In their maturity, Cream has become a more focused and tighter sounding band and, granted, that might be out of necessity. None of them does as much improvisation during their long solos and this also may be because of age and a lack of playing together. Nonetheless, this is a worthy purchase for those out there who are Cream fans. Highlights include 'Sunshine of My Love' and 'Sleepy Time Time'. As a note, there is a DVD version of the concerts that was also released.

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