World Leader Pretend

From a city ravaged by hurricane Katrina, famous for jazz comes a different breed of music: indie pop. Punches, the major label debut from N'awlins fourtet World leader Pretend, overflows with heart and soul. WLP deliver a fixed chaos with the raw power and spirit of the Big Easy. Dreamy Continue Reading


This female fronted dance-punk act from Toronto who describe their sound as "death disco" follow up last years History (their debut EP) with a full length. On x-amounts, the Torontonians rip off the Rapture like nobodies business. Singer Nirmala Basnayake sounds like X's Xene Cervenka making out with Metric's Emily Continue Reading

The Golden Republic

What's with all these post-punk missionaries that sound like they're from New York? Miles from Manhattan, Midwestern foursome The Golden Republic try and make their mark as "the next big thing". Some bands carry out the post-punk new wave genre to new heights like Franz Ferdinand and The Killers. Others Continue Reading