Turn on your TV. Watch the same formulaic comedies day after day on the networks. Watch your intelligence quotient begin its downward spiral. Scared? Ok, now turn on Scrubs. Every so often a show comes along that breaks the network formula, and brings a richness to a genre that is sorely lacking in originality. Scrubs is that show, and has been for several years running.

Scrubs hooked me with the very first episode I ever saw. At first I was skeptical. Medical comedy, hmm Ok, there is going to be bad sophmoric humor and haven't we seen medical shows about a million times? Five minutes in, it hit me. This show was actually brilliant; Intelligent, quirky, and sometimes wacky humor coupled with real drama and tearful emotion and writing that continues to amaze week after week. At that moment, Scrubs inherited the void left by Seinfeld's departure as TVs best comedy.

The quirky nature of the writing was odd at first, but as the show progressed, I began to truly appreciate the warmth, depth, and fascination that these characters bring to the table. Halfway through Season 1 the actors visibly gained more confidence and let themselves loose as comedians and dramatic artists. Zach Braff, Donald Faison, and Sarah Chalke are wonderful as JD, Turk, and Elliot, and John C. McGinley proves himself the best actor on TV today as Dr. Cox. And of course, Neil Flynn as the possibly "evil" Janitor.

Season 2 revisits 22 episodes as interns now become 2nd year residents, with more responsibility, hopes and dreams, and a brand new set of interns. More importantly though, it continues to follow the friendships that formed in Season 1. The season 1 finale left a lot of questions in the air. Will Carla and Turk resolve their problems and find happiness? Will JD and Elliot fall in love for real or are they destined for friendship? Most importantly, will the father-son relationship between JD and Dr. Cox ever be the same? I don't know, but I am eagerly awaiting this box set to find out.

The 22 episodes include:

25: My Overkill
26: My Nightingale
27: My Case Study
28: My Big Mouth
29: My New Coat
30: My Big Brother
31: My First Step
32: My Fruit Cups
33: My Lucky Day
34: My Monster
35: My Sex Buddy
36: My New Old Friend
37: My Philosophy
38: My Brother, My Keeper
39: His Story
40: My Karma
41: My Own Private Practice Guy
42: My T.C.W.
43: My Kingdom
44: My Interpretation
45: My Drama Queen
46: My Dream Job

Special DVD Features:

-Johnny C.McGinleyy – one on one conversation with John C. McGinley
-Secrets and Lies – unearthed, gossip, lies, jokes plus entertaining stories exposed
-The Musical Stylings – how the music is picked and how it enhances the show
-Practice, Practice, Malpractice – The funniest Scrubs outtakes
-Scrubbed Out – exclusive deleted scenes
-J.D.'s Imagination Gone Wild – cast gives exclusive insights into dream sequences
-Cast commentaries
-And much much more

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