The Honeymooners

Some remakes are good ideas and work and some should never even be considered. The Honeymooners with Jackie Gleason, Art Carney and Audrey Meadows was one of the most beloved programs on television in the 1950s. It sets the bar quite high for this remake and The Honeymooners 2005 never does reach these heights. The marital conflict, the idea that the man is the king of the castle, and that the wife is always right are dated concepts, which no longer work today. The storylines and pratfalls of The Honeymooners were considered cutting edge, funny and intelligent in the 1950s, now it's just not plausible nor funny. Instead of trying to update the concept they try to use the same brand of humor that worked in the 1950s. There are very few laughs within this film and that is not good news for a comedy. Director John Schultz (Drive Me Crazy and Like Mike) does not have a strong script to work with (Barry W. Blaustein – The Nutty Professor and Boomerang and Danny Jacobson – television writer for Roseanne and Mad About You). He tries his best to make a funny comedy, but is not successful. Cedric the Entertainer has the impossible job of following in the footsteps of Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden. He does not do a bad job, but he is not given much to work with. He is smart enough not to try and copy Gleason, but make the character of Ralph Kramden his own. The same cannot be said for Mike Epps, whose Ed Norton tries to be a carbon copy of Art Carney's and he fails. The movie is not offensive or even horrible, but definitely a "light" summer flick.

Special DVD Features:
-Hanging with The Honeymooners
-6 deleted scenes with optional commentary by John Schultz
-Theatrical trailer

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