30 Seconds to Mars

An informal survey: how many of you out there knew that Jared Leto had a band? Well, I have to admit that I, for one, did not. I am further embarrassed by the fact that this is not their first album, but their second. Colour me red! I guess he is not just doing this because his girl of the moment Lindsay Lohan is making music as well. It takes some guts, or maybe just a delusional belief that you can do anything, as an actor to make music. This because many previous actor/musicians (Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves) have not fared so well and have been treated less than kindly by the critics. Leto and his brother Shannon are the primary members of the band (Jared does all the writing and seems to play all the instruments except for the percussion which his brother Shannon handles), but there are also two other members. What they do I am not sure. Anyways, the band's sound is on the hard side and the songs have that sorta epic quality (soaring vocals, angst, dark lyrics, etc.) about them. Leto's vocals are not too bad, but this is definitely not groundbreaking music. They sound like many other bands out there.

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